A unique treatment for chronic discogenic low back pain

Stayble is developing an injectable treatment against chronic low back pain triggered by disc degeneration. A condition that today is ranked as one of the costliest medical condition in the western hemisphere with a yearly cost in US alone of over €30 billion. Stayble’s treatment has the potential to offer a solution that may alleviate or abolish the pain without the need for surgery. The company is currently performing a clinical phase Ib study in Sweden.

Behind Stayble Therapeutics stands an experienced, multidisciplinary team including a world-renowned back-pain researcher, experienced bio-entrepreneurs and former big pharma senior management.

We believe Stayble’s treatment will offer an alternative to the millions of people who does not respond to analgesics and physiotherapy, and who are not eligible, cannot afford, or do not want to take the chance with a spinal fusion.



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